Micro-pigmentation: Montreal Technicians Offer the Convenience of Permanent Makeup

micropigmentation montrealAs permanent makeup becomes more and more popular across Canada, women in every region of the country are seeking out skilled micro-pigmentation specialists for their makeup needs.
There are many reasons why permanent makeup may be beneficial for you. Micro-pigmentation of the eyebrow is a good option for clients who have undergone chemotherapy, or who suffer from alopecia. Breast reconstruction often involves pigmentation of the areola area. Clients with vitligo, a condition causing a lack of skin pigmentation, can improve the uniformity of their skin tone with skilled application of colour. And both post-operative and burn scars can often be camouflaged by the procedure. Even hair transplant clients find micro-pigmentation useful for covering small, scarred areas at the hairline.
However, many women are exploring micro-pigmentation options in order to enhance their own natural beauty. Some of the procedures that permanent makeup specialists can perform include:
  • eyebrow definition;
  • lip liner;
  • lip colour augmentation; and
  • permanent eyeliner, top and bottom lids.
Permanent makeup allows clients to wake up in the morning with most of their makeup already in place, simplifying morning routines and giving you a beautiful start to the day. It gives you the convenience of makeup that will stay in place through physical activity such as aerobics class, while swimming, and even through tears.
A well-trained micro-pigmentation professional will be able to apply permanent makeup quickly and with little discomfort for the client. The results are instant, natural looking, and durable. When choosing a salon, be sure to ask some key questions:
  • What type of machine is used to deliver pigment? A computerized machine such as the Nouveau Contour, which is manufactured in Germany, is preferred. Avoid technicians who use the "pen” style tattoo machine, as it doesn't deliver colour to proper depths.
  • How many colour choices are available? More than fifty colours have been approved by Health Canada. Don't settle for only a few.
  • What are your sterilization procedures? Better practitioners use an autoclave to ensure sterile equipment.
Explore Montreal-area options for permanent makeup today. Long lasting beauty may be right around the corner!
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